We provide people in our community with a variety of credit & saving products. Our loans are made to help individuals in the following categories financially:

Pay Day

Demoz Pay Day lets you borrow up to 1/3rd of your gross salary instantly at your desired time. Once your loan is disbursed, you will settle the loan from your salary of the following month; up to 5 days of your payday. If paid in whole and on time, this loan has no interest and only subject to a service fee.

Salary Advance

Demoz Salary Advance Loan enables you to borrow up to five times your gross monthly salary whenever you need it. After your loan has been disbursed, you will pay back a monthly amount equal to one-third of your gross income.

More Products

ዱቤ በድጋፍ

( Buy now pay later )

With `ዱቤ በድጋፍ` Customers who choose our micro finance have the choice of purchasing with loan the goods they want anytime from our city's shopping malls, health and education centers, and access services in accordance with their needs. In this service, we have offered various options in collaboration with service providers and business institutions, which are as follows.

ዱቤ በድጋፍ ሙሉ ልብስ

It enables you to purchase any clothing item, even full wool, whenever you want from

Amazon Fashion

Ibran Garment

Shebele fashion

Milano Fashion

Ambassador Garment

ዱቤ በድጋፍ አስቤዛ

If the stuff you need for your home runs out before the month begins or you don't have enough cash on hand to buy everything you want, this service enables you to shop with us at;

Shoa Supermarket

Queen's Supermarket as often as you would like

ዱቤ በድጋፍ ጤና

With the aid of this service, you and your family will be able to receive medical care at the standard;

Korea Comprehensive Specialized Hospital

Bethezatha General Hospital

Without being concerned about the cost of an unexpected illness or accident you may experience.

ዱቤ በድጋፍ ትምህርት

With the help of this service, parents may promptly pay their children's school tuition without stressing over their financial situation. At the moment, we provide this service to parents whose children's attend;

Cruise school

Omega International school

ዱቤ በድጋፍ ሞባይል

With this service, you may get quality mobile phones like Samsung's that put you in touch with the cutting-edge pace of technology that the rest of the world is experiencing.

How It Works


Provide basic information; such as your name and employment details, and upload necessary documents.

Get Approved

We will be in touch to verify your identity and credentials.
Just hang tight!

Get Granted

Once approved, request for the loan of your choice and the loan will be disbursed to your bank account shortly.



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