About us

Digaf Micro-finance Institution is a registered financial service company determined to transform the way financial services are delivered to everyone. Digaf has been providing short and medium-term financing to individuals and small enterprises in Ethiopia for more than a decade. Digafs team is continuously looking for innovative, technology-based, and efficient means for clients to access financial solutions. The company therefore looks at different ways of serving individuals who are excluded from financial services with the knowledge and information they have readily available for a credit appraisal.


Our mission is to create digital solutions that make financial services easily accessible to underserved individuals and MSMEs.


Power the transformation of the financial services industry towards a sustainable and inclusive future.


Trust allows us to interact with our customers in ways they could rely on as better.

Why Digaf?

We give access to loans with ease and simplicity

There is less bureaucracy and tedious paperwork involved in our services

We offer financial inclusion

We provide services that are digitally focused

We empower middle and low income individuals as well as MSMEs

Product Ideals

Digitally enabled Our products are designed to use fully or partially digital mediums to provide financial services.

Accessibility Our products are designed to be accessed with ease and convenience, tackling existing barriers and bureaucratic red-tape.

Simplicity Our products are refreshingly uncomplicated and stress-free

Affordability Our services are set in favor of our customers.

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Ethio-China Street, Kadco Building 5th Floor


ለበለጠ መረጃ 6575 ይደውሉ! ቴሌግራም ላይ ይከተሉን https://t.me/digafmicrocrditprovidersc
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